Car Accident & WHIPLASH in Redmond WA?

Chiropractic Redmond WA Whiplash

Do you have whiplash in Redmond WA? Chiropractic has been proven to be the most effective way to make sure that you heal as quickly as possible, recover as completely as possible and reduces the chance you will have chronic symptoms!

What Exactly Is Whiplash in Redmond WA?

Whiplash is a commonly used term to describe what happens to our head and neck when we get into a car crash. Chiropractors are trained in fixing problems that whiplash can cause such as neck pain, back pain, and headaches, just to name a few. Our head is heavy and when our car is struck from any angle it’s like yanking a tablecloth off a table so fast that the dishes don’t move. Our head is like the dishes, and the tablecloth the car. You can imagine if the tablecloth were connected to the dishes with muscles, tendons and ligaments, they would be pretty badly torn or injured after the tablecloth was torn away. This is why whiplash injury is so serious. It happens very quickly and because of that you may not feel any pain right away or even over the next few days, but the damage has been done. The tablecloth has been yanked from under your head and muscles, tendons and ligaments have been torn and injured.

Whether you feel pain right away or days later, whether a very gentle bump or very extreme collision, there is almost always damage and injury to the spine, and if not cared for right away with chiropractic it can lead to a snowball effect where pain continues to get worse and worse over days, months and years. The damage in your neck and spine will cause you to lose your normal range of motion, possibly by an unnoticeable amount, more and more, little by little, each day. Ultimately, this causes wear and tear on your spinal joints that can lead to irreversible degeneration and pain, unless you take action and get it fixed.

Did You Know?

After a rear-end collision, we have a 39% greater chance of developing degenerative joint disease and chronic pain.

People that sustain whiplash-type injuries are 4x more likely to have neck degeneration.

People that sustain whiplash-type injuries are 8x more likely to have chronic neck pain.

People that sustain whiplash-type injuries are 11x more likely to suffer from chronic headaches.

People that sustain whiplash-type injuries are 16x more likely to suffer from pain and tingling in their arms.

Chiropractic is one of the most effective ways for healing whiplash injuries with significant improvement of symptoms in over 90% of patients.

Clear Chiropractic Redmond in Redmond WA has experience helping individuals suffering from symptoms of a whiplash injury. Call or visit us today and we’ll help you heal as quickly as possible.

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